Hey guys,
Quick post to let you know that the toolbar at the bottom is being buggy lately, but it should be fixed soon. I don't know what soon means, but it will be fixed eventually.
Lots of new work is coming soon!
Well, it's that time again. The time when I have no work to do, so I go and make something else. That's right, people. NEW DESIGNS ARE HERE!! And, even better, we have a whole new page to put them in. Under "Work", there is a new page called "Other". The new things we made didn't fit anywhere else! In fact, I think the other tab has our best work in it right now. BUT: "other" is not a very appealing name. Got a better idea? Send us an email!! Speaking of email, we are working to get this blog into an email, so you won't have to read it off the site. ALSO, we might start TUTORIALS if enough of you want them!!
Well, that's all for now, I think.
We'll keep you posted.

EDIT: One more thing, the counter isn't working. Brightwire Software is BUILDING US a replacement one. For free! everybody go thank them. brightwire.weebly.com (Ok, that was a joke-we are Brightwire Software.) Oh, and sorry about all the caps!